Teaching yoga is my greatest joy! My classes are accessible for all experience levels, especially those who are brand new to yoga. It is a space of non-judgment, and all are celebrated. Come discover yourself!

Yoga is simply a time to breath and be present with yourself. With a focus on alignment, safety, and fun, I lead folks through various movements as we transition into and out of poses.

The physical benefits of a regular yoga practice include reduced body pain, increased strength, and flexibility. The more subtle benefits of yoga are a sense of wellbeing and calmness that integrates into life off of the mat. We learn to breath in traffic, and have compassion for ourselves and others. !

Many people want to try yoga but are concerned that they aren’t flexible enough, and are afraid of feeling embarrassed trying something new. We were all beginners, and we are all still learning. Please contact me with questions or concerns, or if you would like to set up an appointment for private lessons.


Where to catch a class:

Monday 6pm at Temple Medicine Healing  *May be held at a nearby park, contact for details.
Monday/Wednesday noon at LA Fitness Pearl
Tuesday/Thursday noon at LA Fitness Lloyd Center


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