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Ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Japanese healing modalities use the balance of elements to understand health and well-being. These traditions also acknowledge the interconnection among physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as flowing from one energy source – chi or prana. Indigenous cultures around the globe share a belief that we are part of the larger web of life, the natural world, the plants, animals and elements. So much of our human suffering stems from a feeling of separation from others and the world around us as well as a lack of integration in the parts of ourselves. The medicine of working with the elements can help us remember that we are made up of water, air, earth, fire and ether.

The elements manifest within us as physical structures and sensations in our body; our blood, our breath, our bones, the space in our joints, etc. They also manifest as emotions and beliefs about ourselves and others; our passion, grief, joy, fear and anger. Spiritually, the elements are wise ancestors waiting to whisper their wisdom for our own healing and that of our communities and the planet.

Join Catherine Fixe Chapin (Laya-Yoga) and Sara Thomas (Wildflower Wellness) in creation of community circle and cultivation of your personal connection to the elements of Ether, Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth! Call in the magic and powerful teachings of the elements to enrich your physical, emotional, and spiritual life! Witness the elements within yourself through meditation and breath-work, language and sound, acupressure and movement, and the ritual and healing space of community.

Each elemental exploration will be split into two Wednesday evening sessions per month with time to integrate between sessions. To maintain the sacred community circle, we ask participants to attend both monthly sessions. Attendance space is limited and we encourage you to explore all the elements, even and especially those you may not feel naturally drawn to. Catherine and Sara are excited to offer discounts for private sessions with sign-ups for multiple element circles.
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Wednesdays, October 2nd & 16th, 2019
Temple Medicine Healing
1716 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, Oregon
$90 for both sessions