Yoga is simply a time to breath and be present with yourself. With a focus on alignment, safety, and fun, I lead folks through various movements as we transition into and out of poses.

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Acupuncture is a weird, awesome, and effective way to relieve pain and treat many disorders! Using sterile, hair-thin needles, I facilitate to support overall balance and wellbeing.

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Shiatsu is a fully clothed, Japanese meridian massage and it is AMAZING! I massage through the channels, smoothing out the energy that tends to pool and get stuck along the body.

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Herbal formulas are a great way to empower you on your journey to health! They come in various convenient forms that are mixed with hot water, and cooked into a tea.

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Acupuncture and Shiatsu massage in a beautiful and relaxing environment. Sessions are customized to promote your well-being!

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The Power & Magic of the Elements

A Series of Community Circles

Ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Japanese healing modalities use the balance of elements to understand health and well-being. These traditions also acknowledge the interconnection among physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as flowing from one energy source – chi or prana. Indigenous cultures around the globe share a belief that we are part of the larger web of life, the natural world, the plants, animals and elements… Read More

Join Catherine Fixe Chapin (Laya-Yoga) and Sara Thomas (Wildflower Wellness) in creation of community circle and cultivation of your personal connection to the elements of Ether, Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth! Call in the magic and powerful teachings of the elements to enrich your physical, emotional, and spiritual life! Witness the elements within yourself through meditation and breath-work, language and sound, acupressure and movement, and the ritual and healing space of community.

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